(New) T47 Asymmetric Bottom Bracket


Introducing the T47A ceramic bottom bracket designed to give you the best of the T47 and BBRight bottom bracket standards.

The Asymmetric T47 bottom bracket uses a T47 external cup on the drive side (DS) and T47 internal cup on the non-drive side (NDS).

Fitment & Installation
The T47 Asymmetric bottom bracket standard was introduced on the Factor Ostro VAM and Cervelo R5CX and will fit your favorite crankset on a T47a frame with a 79mm width for Cervelo or a 77.5mm wide bottom bracket shell for Factor.

This difference in width falls well into the adjustment range of any crankset. The same bottom bracket can be used for either.

Currently, T47A bottom brackets are available for 24mm, 30mm and DUB crank spindles. Please choose your cranks from the dropdown before adding to cart.

Choose road bearings for road bikes, cross bearings for mountain bike, gravel and cyclocross or if you frequently ride your road bike on wet roads.

The Kogel T47A drive side cup can be installed with Park Tool BBT-79 or any 12-notch bottom bracket tool with a nominal outer diameter of 44mm. The non-drive side cup can be installed with any Enduro Torq-Tite compatible tool.