I ordered the wrong part!

Kogel Bearings aims for 100% customer satisfaction. If you ordered a part and it does not fit for your set up, we will be happy to exchange it for a product that does work for you.

As long as the product is unused and in perfect condition, just send it back. Kogel will even cover domestic outbound shipping.

I bought something and it's not working!

Contact us! There is a good chance that something is installed backwards or we need to make a little tweak to your setup. In all cases we will have a couple of technical questions, which are so much easier to handle over the phone.

If you received a faulty product, please remember that Kogel strives for a best-in-industry warranty.

I don't like this product!

Say whaaat???? OK, no biggie. If something is not up to your liking, our Guaranteed Performance Warranty is the best in the industry.

We offer full refunds within 30 days of purchase on all products. Returns between 30 and 90 days will be accepted for store credit at the full amount or cash refund with a 30% restocking fee. Products must be unused and in resellable condition. Please understand that if you bought your products as a bundle package (i.e. buy a bottom bracket and get a pulley set for $50), once you return the bottom bracket, you break the bundle deal. We cannot give you a 100% refund on the bottom bracket and let you keep the discounted pulleys. Somebody has tried that already, was not very nice about it, and ruined it for everyone else.

How does it work?

Before you send anything back to our office, it would be good that we know it's coming. If you bought our products from us through this website, by phone or at an event, please initiate your return or exchange by giving us a callor email at info@kogel.cc

If you bought your parts through a retailer, it is best to go back to your shop. We value the relationships we have built with our retailers to ensure you're covered.

Kogel does not sell directly through online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress, but we do allow our resellers to use these platforms. We also find quite a bit of counterfeit product on these websites, so we would always recommend to vet your seller before buying. For any purchases made through marketplace platforms, we will not be able to assist you directly for warranty or quality issues. You will need to contact the seller first for a solution.

Please note that any returns requested for refund must have the products in resellable condition. We can repackage the products, so don't worry about opened seal bags or slightly damaged boxes.

If you decide to install or trail test the parts, they are no longer resellable and we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

If you have any other questions about returns & exchanges, please call, text or email us at info@kogel.cc.