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Wheel bearings are a complicated matter. There are too many combinations between all brands to list them all on our web site.

Before ordering, we suggest you contact us by email or phone to discuss your wheels and which bearings you need.

To make things a bit easier, we have simplified the pricing: If you need 4 bearings, choose WB-4 we will send you all the bearings for your hubs, but do not include the freehub. If you want to include the freehub bearings, just choose the WB6 option.

Spin faster with less effort
Customer reviews
"I'm really blown away by the difference my Kogel bearing swap has made. I replaced all my wheel bearings and the bottom bracket. The difference has been incredible. On the first ride, I felt a noticeable smoothness and as time wore on it got even better. I imagine this is due to break in. Suddenly my riding buddies are complaining that I'm too fast. Installation was pretty easy. I did purchase a couple low cost tools for the wheel bearings and made my own bottom bracket press from Home Depot. The bearings were pricey enough that I had to get the wife's permission but overall, I'm extremely satisfied."
— Michael M.
"The ceramic bearing upgrade is the most impactful change you can make to your otherwise ideal bike! Kogel provides the quality and pricing to make it happen! My original bearings had corrosion from many years of use and washing the bike. This was a fantastic upgrade that was worth the investment."
— 5798riosvince
"Easy transaction. Gave them the year and model of my wheels and they sent me the correct bearings 1. message them year and model of your wheelset 2. a rep will email you with the bearings you need along with a invoice to pay 3. Got them quickly . Great customer service fast response time"
"I didn't believe that I could possible notice the difference while riding my Road Bike, just by changing the bearings in my carbon wheels. I was extremely surprised about the great change in the feeling, the smoothness and additional speed is awesome."
— Artemio A.

Ultra-Low Friction for Unmatched Performance

Transform your ride with Kogel's Ceramic Bicycle Wheel Bearings, designed specifically for cyclists who refuse to compromise on performance. Our ceramic bearings set a new standard in the cycling world, offering an unmatched combination of low friction and high durability. With these bearings, cyclists can enjoy a smoother ride, increased speed, and improved bike handling. This top-tier performance is due to the unique properties of ceramic that reduce rolling resistance and wear, allowing for a seamless ride even under the most challenging conditions.

Ceramic wheel bearings are not just about enhanced performance; they are also about extending the life of your bike. Ceramic materials are resistant to corrosion and wear, which means less maintenance and more time on the road. Whether you're an avid racer or a weekend warrior, upgrading to Kogel's Ceramic Bicycle Wheel Bearings will provide you with an immediate improvement in efficiency and comfort. Experience the difference with every pedal stroke and elevate your cycling experience to levels previously unattainable with standard bearings.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Kogel ceramic wheel bearings different?

Kogel bearings utilize silicon nitride balls for reduced friction, minimal deformation under load, and rust resistance, enhancing performance and durability.

What are the options for seal types in Kogel ceramic wheel bearings?

Kogel offers road seals for lower friction and cross seals for better protection against elements, tailored to your riding environment.

Why upgrade to Kogel ceramic wheel bearings?

Upgrading can significantly reduce friction and wear, improving efficiency and performance, especially if your current bearings are worn or contaminated.

How can I tell if my wheel bearings need to be serviced?

The easiest check is to pull the wheel from the bike, remove the dust covers if they are easy to remove and spin the axle with your fingers. You’re looking for a rough/gritty feel or listen for dry bearings (you will hear a swishy sound to stay fully scientific. If the bearings are dry or contaminated, you will need to service them. Here is a manual.

Will I notice a difference with ceramic wheel bearings?

A high-quality ceramic bearing is the more developed brother of a stock bearing: races are hardened and polished to a mirror finish, balls are more perfectly round than any steel ball can ever be and we spent a lot of time perfecting our grease and seals to perform best in any given conditions.

In the words of US National Downhill Champion Neko Mulally: “you don’t really feel the difference between a good and a bad bearing, it is reflected in your race time at the end of the day. As a rider I do nothing differently and go faster"