A Kogel team member is a person of quality and strong moral principles. We lead by example and do what is right for our team, our business and our community.


Kogel team members do not hide anything. Whether things are good or bad, We openly and honestly convey information as we know it. Our ego is not involved. It doesn’t matter if it makes us look good or not; you have a desire and willingness to put the information you know out on the table.  

Transparency means work partners and peers respect one another enough to confront issues and problems as they arise in order to push the work, product and team to the next level.


With great knowledge comes great responsibility towards our team, our business and our community. In order to be and remain thought leaders in our field, we need to be experts and always look for ways to share and expand our knowledge. 


Kogel team members approach all tasks with a high level of precision. Attention to detail allows us to deliver products and services capable of winning championships. Developing and documenting procedures lead to accuracy and predictable results.


Kogel team members strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. We over-deliver on our promises and know that the minimum can never be a goal.