Most people come to the "about us" page to learn more about a company and people involved. The story of our humble beginnings can be found here.

What truly defines Kogel Bearings is our commitment to Guaranteed Performance, the end-to-end cycling experience.

Guaranteed performance means working hard to make your experience with Kogel Bearings the best possible, every step of the way.

We guarantee the performance of our company and products from your initial research throughout the lifecycle of your Kogel product.

Guaranteed Performance while shopping - we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring your regret-free purchase. If at any point during the buying process you require assistance, we are available via chat, phone, or email to help ensure you're getting the right part for your bike.

Guaranteed Performance while shipping – We keep all our products in stock and ship them the day we receive your order. Orders received after our shipping deadline will be shipped next business day. Overnight shipping is available at a reasonable price if your situation requires it.

Guaranteed Performance while installing – We've built a library of installation manuals, bearing drifts for safe installation and offer expert advice whenever needed.

Whether you choose to install parts in your garage, or hire a professional bicycle mechanic, Kogel employees pride themselves in picking up the phone or returning your calls any time you need help.

Guaranteed Performance Warranty – Our Guaranteed Performance Warranty is the best-in-industry. Use the heck out of your Kogel products, if they fail in the first year we will send you a new set. A bearing service will extend this warranty for the second year.

Guaranteed Performance while riding – We design our products to get you across the finish line, not just once, but many times. Let’s face it: most of us do not travel with a personal mechanic. What is the point of fragile race-day-only parts if you ride your bike for training, racing and in all kinds of weather? Kogel products are designed to perform every single day.

Kogel's end-to-end Guaranteed Performance experience is guaranteed to serve your cycling activities today and for years to come. From the minute you start exploring our products and throughout the service life of your parts.

Ard Kessels