At Kogel Bearings we try our best to keep every article in stock. We do this by working with our suppliers on short delivery times and tracking the sales history and cycles of every unit in our inventory. We will ship your product same day, or next business day if we miss the mailing cut-off, which is at 3.30pm US Mountain Time.

Where do you ship?

We will ship Kogel products worldwide from our Texas office, unless we work with a local distributor in your country. In that case we will connect you to the nearest Kogel reseller in order to reduce shipping times to a minimum.

How much does it cost?

Our standard shipping is USPS first class with tracking. There’s a flat fee of $7 for all shipping and handling to the continental US. If you have special requests, like need it tomorrow, international shipping or want to use your own DHL inbound account, we make it work. Just let us know with your order. Any shipping requests will be charged at the exact price we pay to get your products to you. Overnight shipping is available and starts at $20 for a single bottom bracket to anywhere in the continental US.

International shipping USPS first class is $15 flat fee for Europe, Canada and Mexico or $25 for all other countries.


The USPS tracking is accurate for domestic shipments. For international, we have met a very hands-off approach from them. We cannot guarantee that we can get an accurate tracking on international packages once things get delayed or go missing. If you want perfectly reliable tracking and 3-6 day world wide delivery, we can provide you with a DHL quote or use your personal inbound account with a courier of your choice.

Unfortunately delays in shipping and customs happen and sometimes the shipping companies seem to confuse their mail sorting machines with the office paper shredder. While this is technically outside of our control, if you promise to be understanding, we promise to work with you on a solution.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

Continental US:

- first class mail: 3-5 business days

- priority mail: 1-3 business days

- priority mail express: overnight to all destinations, except some very small markets.


- First class international and Priority Mail International: 6-10 business days 

- DHL express: 2-5 business days world wide


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