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Introducing Kogel wax-coated bicycle chains! In our never-ending pursuit of going faster with less energy, Kogel introduces our GAIN CHAIN wax-coated bicycle chains developed in collaboration with the NeXT eSports team to help you maximize your pedaling efficiency.

Improving Drivetrain Efficiency
Did you know Elite eRacing teams are mandated to do double data collection: a crank or pedal-based power meter in combination with a smart trainer?

When comparing power data (i.e watts) at the cranks and smart trainer, the reduction in overall drivetrain friction was three percent vs a chain using a standard racing lube.

The savings were also found to scale, it stays a constant two to three percent across the entire power range, from easy pedaling to all out sprint finishes. How would you feel gaining 6 or 7 watts of free output across the entire bike leg?

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Chains are available in

  • Sram AXS Force Flattop (based on Sram Force for lowest friction)
  • Sram AXS RED Flattop (based on Sram RED for best durability)
  • Shimano 12-speed Ultegra/XT (fits all Shimano road and MTB 12-speed drivetrains)
  • Shimano 11-speed  Ultegra/XT (fits all Shimano road and MTB 11-speed drivetrains)
  • KMC X12 for Shimano/Sram Eagle/Campagnolo 12-speed drivetrains
The missing link to drivetrain efficiency

Unlock Efficiency, Unleash Speed

Unleash the full potential of your bike with Kogel's "Gain Chain" wax-coated bicycle chains. Designed in collaboration with elite eRacing teams, these chains are meticulously engineered to reduce drivetrain friction, allowing you to go faster with less effort. Here's why the Gain Chain is a must-have upgrade for any cycling enthusiast


The Gain Chain's wax coating significantly reduces the friction compared to traditional lube chains. This efficiency gain translates into saving 2-3% of energy across the entire power range, which means up to 7 additional watts of power output during your ride, essential for both competitive racing and intense training sessions.

Ride Cleaner, Go Faster

With its superior wax formula, the Gain Chain runs cleaner and requires less frequent maintenance. Unlike oiled chains that attract dirt and debris, waxed chains minimize component wear, extending the life of not only the chain but also the sprockets and chainrings​. This translates into fewer replacements and lower long-term costs.

Frequently asked questions

What are Kogel "Gain Chain" Coated Chains?

Kogel "Gain Chain" Coated Chains are high-performance bicycle chains optimized for efficiency and durability. Developed in collaboration with the NeXT eSports team, these chains are wax-coated to reduce drivetrain friction significantly, enhancing pedaling efficiency and providing smoother and faster riding experiences.

What benefits do wax-coated chains provide over standard lubed chains?

Wax-coated chains, such as the Kogel "Gain Chain", offer reduced drivetrain friction, which translates to efficiency improvements. Tests have shown a consistent 2-3% reduction in drivetrain friction across various power outputs, which can result in gaining 6-7 watts of free output over standard racing lubes. Additionally, these chains tend to run cleaner and require less maintenance.

Are Kogel coated chains compatible with all bicycles?

Yes, Kogel offers coated chains compatible with various drivetrain setups, including Sram AXS Force Flattop, Sram AXS RED Flattop, Shimano 12-speed Ultegra/XT, Shimano 11-speed Ultegra/XT, and KMC X12 for Shimano/Sram Eagle/Campagnolo 12-speed drivetrains.

How do I install a Kogel wax-coated chain?

Before installing a Kogel wax-coated chain, it's crucial to ensure that the drivetrain is completely clean of any grease or old lubricant, as wax and grease do not mix well. After cleaning, the chain can be installed directly onto the bike. It's advised to thoroughly clean both the chain and the drivetrain components to avoid contamination.

How often should the wax be reapplied to the chain?

The pre-waxed chain can last between 200 to 300 miles under clean and dry conditions. Reapplication intervals can be extended by using wax-based drip lubes, which allow for up to 500 miles between full re-waxing sessions. Regular maintenance involves simple wiping to remove dirt and potentially using a bike wipe.

What maintenance is required for a wax-coated chain?

Maintenance of a wax-coated chain is relatively straightforward. It involves wiping the chain with a rag or a bike wipe to remove surface dirt. For a thorough re-wax, the chain should be dipped in hot wax using a small crock pot or a similar device. This ensures that the wax penetrates the inner components of the chain, extending its life and maintaining optimal performance.

Can I use other types of lubricants on my Kogel wax-coated chain?

It is highly recommended to avoid using wet or oil-based lubricants on a wax-coated chain. Mixing different types of lubricants can lead to increased friction and dirt accumulation, negating the benefits of a wax-coated system. Stick to wax-based lubricants for top-up applications.