(New) Kogel "Gain Chain" Coated Chains

Introducing Kogel wax-coated bicycle chains! In our never-ending pursuit of going faster with less energy, Kogel introduces our GAIN CHAIN wax-coated bicycle chains by the NeXT eSports team to help you maximize your pedaling efficiency.

Improving Drivetrain Efficiency
Did you know Elite eRacing teams are mandated to do double data collection: a crank or pedal based power meter in combination with a smart trainer?

When comparing power data (i.e watts) at the cranks and smart trainer, the reduction in overall drivetrain friction was three percent vs a chain using a standard lube.

The savings were also found to scale, it stays a constant three percent across the entire power range, from easy pedaling to all out sprint finishes. How would you feel gaining 6 or 7 watts of free output across the entire bike leg?

Chains are available in

  • Sram AXS Flattop (based on Sram Force for lowest friction)
  • 12 speed Shimano/Sram Eagle/Campagnolo (based on KMC X12)
  • Shimano/Sram 11 speed (Based on Shimano CN-HG901)

Choose your drivetrain from the dropdown below. (For Sram AXS Eagle, please select the standard Sram option)