Terms of Payment

Kogel bearings accepts PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Amazon Payments through this web shop. For custom orders (i.e. assembled items or drift set mixes not available on our web site) we will manually send you an invoice or accept a credit card over the phone.

For all purchases through www.kogel.cc your credit card information will be encrypted using SSL to ensure a high security standard.

Amazon Payments

With amazon payments you can pay at www.kogel.cc with the credentials from your Amazon account. This makes shopping with us faster, simpler and safer.

When will you charge my account?

The account of your choice will be charged at the moment you process the transaction. We will ship your goods same day or next business day if your order reaches us after our mail cut-off time, which is 3.30pm US Mountain Time.

Do I need to set up an account for my order?

No, you can shop with us as a guest. However, we provide you with the option of creating an account or logging in to your Kogel Bearings account. This makes processing returns and complaints easier, and it also improves the purchasing process for both you and us in the future. It also means it's easy to keep in touch with us.

Is it possible to change or cancel my order before it has been dispatched?

We accept all changes, as long as your shipment is still on our premises. Given the same day shipping, it's critical to contact us immediately via phone or the contact button at the right bottom of your screen. Any changes might cause your shipment to be shipped next business day if we miss the mailing cut-off time.

My question was not covered here, what to do?

Call, email, instant message! We love talking to our customers in order to set you up with the best products that will improve your ride.