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Ball bearing warranty, a market analysis

See Kogel Bearing's unique approach compared to industry leading brands.

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Kogel Bearings joins the YT Mob for 2018

Are you excited to see Gwin race in the mud again?


Cannondale BB30A and PF30A explained

Finding the right bottom bracket for your Synapse or SuperSix

Tell me how!

Welcome to kogel bearings

At Kogel Bearings , we believe ceramic bearings set the gold standard for your bicycle bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys and wheel bearings. 
The Silicon Nitride used to make ceramic bearings combines a set of material properties that make it perfect for bicycle bearings.

The material is hard, resistant to wear, can be made into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and can be polished smoother than any metal. On top of all that, ceramic bearings do not rust or oxidize.

That's why we offer only podium-grade ceramic bearings in all our products. 

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Cannondale BB30A and PF30A explained

Cannondale BB30A and PF30A explained

Since 2015 Cannondale has released BB30A and PressFit30A or PF30A. Originally on the Synapse and Slice, the standards have now...

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Ball bearing warranty. A market analysis.

Ball bearing warranty. A market analysis.

I spoke about ball bearing warranty in a previous post but we still explain every day how Kogel is different...

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Bottom brackets and jockey wheels going strong at The Pioneer! Everything else on my bike is making noise.

– Mike Blewitt - marathonmtb.com racing team is hitting the #terrainlab hard in New Zealand

I’ve been using Kogel for 3 seasons now. I’m impressed at all aspects of the products, efficiency, longevity and it’s ability to withstand the rigours of cyclocross.

– Helen Wyman - Cyclocross Unicorn Superstar

I have been on my fair share of bikes and cranks in my 10 years as a professional cyclist and Kogel Bearings are by far the best I have ever ridden.

– Rushlee Buchanan - UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team
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