kogel ceramic bearings

Ceramic Bicycle Bearings in all our products

At Kogel Bearings , we believe ceramic bearings set the gold standard for your bicycle bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys and wheel bearings. The Silicon Nitride used to make ceramic bearings combines a set of material properties that makes it perfect for bicycle bearings.

The material is hard, resistant to wear, can be made into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and can be polished smoother than any metal. On top of all that, ceramic balls do not rust or oxidize.

That's why we offer only podium-grade ceramic bearings in all our products.


Guaranteed Performance means working hard to make your experience with Kogel Bearings the best possible, every step of the way.

Kogel Bearings takes pride in delivering a best-in-industry warranty. Our 2-year warranty means you can feel confident and secure about your next two seasons of riding.

If a product fails in the first year, we will replace it. The second year requires an annual bearing service. A manual for that service can be found here.

BIGGER IS BETTER Oversized Derailleur Cages

Maximize the performance of your existing derailleur cage. 
Kogel’s oversized derailleur cages use a super-oversized lower pulley to decrease chain articulation and reduce friction. Which is a fancy way of saying “Makes you faster”.

INFINITY SPIN Ceramic Derailleur Pulleys

Looking to upgrade or replace your worn-out/stock pulleys? Our ceramic derailleur pulleys can help breathe new life and improved performance into your drivetrain.

THE GOLD STANDARD Ceramic Bottom Brackets

Upgrading to a Kogel ceramic bottom bracket gives your bike reduced friction or better protection from nature's elements. The choice is yours.


Wheel bearings are among the fastest rotating parts on a bicycle. They are also under constant load and there are six of them, which means twelve seals. For all these reasons it is worth upgrading from the stock bearings that came in your wheel set.


Kogel wheel bearings help me most on the clock. The increased rolling speed is free time in a sport that's very hard to find time.

- Aaron Gwin
Intense Factory Racing 5-Time Overall World Cup Downhill Champion

The last thing I want to worry about is my bike spinning smoothly. Not only do Kogel's products seemingly function endlessly, but the entire team is the most helpful and responsive I've ever worked with. 

- Amanda Naumann
2-Time Dirty Kanza 200 Winner

Kogel Bearings gives me an advantage with no added effort as a rider.

- Neko Mulally
Intense Factory Racing 2018-19 National Downhill Champion

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