Hello friends, it's been a while since we unveiled the new Aero Kolossos in April, and things have been pretty quiet since then. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on the progress of the design process.

Dangerholm's Vision for the Aero Scott Foil

Our friend Gustav, also known as Dangerholm, came up with the idea for an aero Kolossos. He shared his concept for his very first road bike build with us—a fully integrated Scott Foil with carbon six-spoke wheels designed to resemble a hypercar on two wheels.

Since the entire bike was built around aerodynamics, we realized quickly that a regular Kolossos in a new color would not suffice. Hypercars are built with one-off components, and so should this bike destined to break the internet and the Eurobike Expo.

A Truly One-of-a-Kind Polished Edition

Dangerholm would not be Dangerholm if a one-of-a-kind Kolossos were good enough. 

He decided to take one of our four prototypes in existence and polish it to a mirror finish. I asked him how many hours of sweat equity were invested, but he did not disclose. Many people asked to put this colorway in production, but we won't. If you feel rich today, message Gustav on the 'grams and see if he is willing to make a second cage in this finish!

Redesign for Shimano and Sram Etap

After receiving a lot of attention for the four prototypes, we knew that this was something we had to produce. However, Dangerholm's Aero Kolossos was only intended to be a show piece and was not built to endure thousands of miles. To complicate matters, Gustav's foil had a 1x setup and XPLR derailleur, which presented a problem: the only available Aero cages were not compatible with road bikes.

We spent months working with our lead product designer to redesign the Aero Kolossos road derailleur model to fit Etap AXS and Shimano derailleurs. While offering the durability we're known for. 

First Spy Pics

We are super close to finalizing our designs. Next step: deciding which of our CNC factories is the best production partner, costing, and prototyping. Here are some images for you to get excited about. Please don't share these top-secret spy pics!

Ard Kessels