Oversized Derailleur Cages

Ready to experience total drivetrain optimization? Introducing Kolossos, Kogel Bearing's ceramic oversized derailleur cage. 

Kolossos was designed to seamlessly fit and install on your  SRAM and Shimano road rear derailleurs. There are many ways to describe Kolossos. Our favorite is "Mind Blown"!

Bigger IS Better

Oversized derailleur pulleys are all the rage nowadays. Big derailleur pulleys cause less deflection in the chain and slower rotations in the bearings.

Both lead to less friction and a more efficient power transfer between legs and wheels.

Kolossal Performance

Kogel’s goal was to build a cage so stiff that it holds the chain like a stock cage, while offering all the benefits of low drag oversized pulleys. 

Kolossos is 3x stiffer than the main competitor product and 2x stiffer compared to the original pulley cage on your derailleur.

Make It Uniquely Yours

Take your bike's personalization to the next level with a custom-configured Kolossos. Choose anodized color combinations that best match your riding style. There's no reason to limit your imagination so go big!

WHY Upgrade/Replace Your Derailleur Cage

Many oversized pulley systems are plagued with vague shifting due to the lack of stiffness of the components. Plus, your stock derailleur's efficiency is limited by the size of the factory derailleur pulleys.

Kogel Oversized Derailleur Cages are:

  • Built to offer low friction while maintaining shifting accuracy.
  • Built for road as well as off-road use, we are not here to restrict your adventures
  • Engineered with a long-tooth profile on lower pulley for better chain retention.

It's basic physics. You ride slower though sharp turns and faster though wide ones. Well, your chain flows faster around larger pulleys and slower around smaller ones. Bigger really is better...and faster!

I was not kind to my bearings on Saturday. 64km of singletrack, dirt and paved road, racing for the win. I am proud of my Kolossos resilience and impeccable performance. It was almost unreal; these pulleys need no care today. Thanks @kogel_bearings for making products that go fast and stand up to multiple full immersions, and all the other brutal stuff I subject my bikes to.

- Matt Surch

The combination of the Kogel Bottom Brackets, oversized derailleur and wheels bearings have made a huge difference to my ride time in all weather conditions from short XC races, to long endurance races ...no matter what the weather I never feel that drag in my pedals and my shifting stays super smooth!

- Kelly Jones

How much wattage does an oversize pulley save? Honest answer? I don't know. But let's do an example calculation: Assuming the more efficient path of the chain saves 1-2 watts - that could theoretically make a difference of 100m per hour more I can cover with the same power. Extrapolate that to a race for which I travel 4,000 kilometers or 200 hours: That makes a difference of 20 kilometers or 1 full hour. That's no longer nothing, even for such a distance!

- Ulrich Bartholmoes

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Expert Advice


No amount of chain lube or coating can eliminate your rear derailleur's inherent design limitations. The path a chain takes during each revolution requires passing through a chicane of derailleur cage pulleys diminishing your return on each pedal stroke. It's a drag on all geared bikes and why your stock rear derailleur will never perform as efficiently as one with an oversized derailleur cage.


Now imagine riding your bike with an oversized derailleur cage, less articulation in the chain means easier spinning: maximized silky-smooth power transfer from each pedal stroke to your rear wheel. Your chain flows through the rear derailleur effortlessly, almost like a single speed, but with gears.


Kogel’s oversized derailleur cages are your best option for maximizing drivetrain efficiency. Our entire line of silky-smooth bearing products offer exceptional value and guaranteed performance. Ready to experience your bike’s true potential?