Come see us this week at Sea Otter Play!

With Covid19 putting a stop to the best bicycle event on the calendar, we are excited to present Kogel at the virtual edition of Sea Otter (Sea Otter Play).

Sea Otter Play is an interactive expo where you can create the actual festival experience from the comfort of your home including virtual ride challenges, exhibitor booths, and seeing the latest product releases.

The action starts Thursday, September 17th through 20th. Free virtual passes for the festival are available here. (You must register to attend.)

Kogel has some exciting new product announcements

Kolossos customizer

It is only appropriate that we launch a virtual product at a virtual expo. The Kolossos customizer lets you customize the colors of your derailleur cage. Make it yours by matching your paint job, kit, style or mood.

Along with introducing the customizer, your custom Kolossos can now be had with five different pulley wheel options (black, red, gold, raw, and blue).

To kick off the custom Kolossos option, during Sea Otter Play the customization fee will be waived for all visitors as a show special.

Customize Your Kolossos

Kolossos for Campagnolo 12 speed EPS

After Shimano and Sram, we could not leave Campagnolo hanging without the option to reduce friction and add some bling to your derailleur.

Kolossos for EPS 12 speed is available in Black, Red and Gold and will soon be added to the customizer.

Meet the Kolossos for Campagnolo 

Anodized Crank Preload adjuster

Remember that plastic piece sitting on your crank spindle, between the bottom bracket and the crank arm? That’s a preload adjuster. It correctly spaces out the spindle length and makes sure there is no excessive load on your bottom bracket bearings.

With crank sets sometimes costing north of $500, it has always baffled us why that part is made of plastic. It seems out of place and under engineered.

Kogel’s preload adjuster is available red, black, blue, gold and RAW. It adds a premium touch to your ride while improving the adjustability. Available for 30mm and DUB spindles in October.

PF30A-386 and PF30A-DUB bottom brackets for Cannondale SuperSix and SystemSix

Kogel built a business on the slogan: ‘Just because it fits, doesn’t make it right’. (Hey, if you’re from Europe: this sentence marches perfectly to Skunk Anansie’s 1996 hit single Hedonism.)

Check out the New Cannondale Bottom Brackets

Other things you will find at our booth:

Get to Know the Kogel Collective

The Kogel Collective is a team of brand ambassadors and athletes. As in any team, strength is built because of the variety in personalities and skills of the members. Together, we're collectively representing you and your cycling passions.

Drop in any time at the virtual booth to see presentations by the passion racers of the Imaginary Collective, John Hall, the personal mechanic of Aaron Gwin and social media sensations Lili Cardenas and Lina Bo.

Meet the Kogel Collective

Talk to Kogel

During the four days of the expo, our team will be at your disposal via chat function. Ask us anything you wanted to know about Kogel: Product selection, favorite riding locations or a marketing proposal.

We will man the booth full time to offer you a virtual coffee or beer, depending on the time of day.

Ard Kessels