T47-i30 for 30mm spindle cranksets

This bottom bracket will fit almost every crank set with a 30mm diameter spindle on a T47 frame with 86.5mm or 85.5mm wide bottom bracket shell.

Exceptions are for 30mm crank sets specifically built for 68mm wide frames, which are becoming rare. You might still find short spindles in proprietary crank sets, like Cannondale SiSL2 or Specialized FACT crank sets with Quarq Power meters.

Other crank sets built after 2016 should be good to go. Check in with our office via info@kogel.cc or 915.777.5666 if you are unsure.

All Kogel Bearings T47 ceramic bottom brackets can be installed with Enduro TorqTite-compatible tool.

Choose road bearings for road bikes, cross bearings for mountain bike, gravel and cyclocross or if you frequently ride your road bike on wet roads.