Shimano Crank Arm Fixing Bolt

Barcode: 735201959542


Looking for another opportunity to increase the durability of your drivetrain and customize the look of your Shimano crankset?

Kogel's Shimano crank arm fixing bolt is here to help keep the crank arm bolts from backing out.

Made from the T6061-T6 aluminum alloy, our Shimano fixing bolt adjusts the side load on the bearings and holds the arm in place while you tighten up the crank cinch bolts to the proper torque spec.

Thread the fixing bolt into the crank arm, adjust it until all the lateral play in the crank arm and spindle has disappeared. Back off the bolt a quarter or half turn to make sure there is no sideload on the bottom bracket bearings.

You're looking for the sweet spot between not being able to rock the cranks back and forth in the bottom bracket and not torquing it down tightly, which would cause friction and premature wear in the bearings. After this, tighten down the cinch bolts to the recommended torque, alternating between the two bolts.

Installing requires Shimano II Crank Arm Bolt Tool TL-FC16 or similar and a torque wrench with 5mm bit for installation and removal

Choosing the Correct Length
Kogel offers two lengths of preload bolts. Check your existing bolt to verify size.

  • Short: compatible with current generation HollowTech II off road cranksets (GRX, XT, SLX) AND newer Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 cranksets
  • Long: compatible with all other Shimano HollowTech II road cranksets including Dura Ace R9100, Ultegra R8000 and 105 R7000. Previous generations might have used the short version, like early productions of the Dura Ace 9000 crank sets. But that was corrected later on....

Are you still with me? Here it is in understandable words
The threads on all modern Shimano HollowTech II preload bolts are the same, you just need to find out if your crank set uses the long or short bolt.

When in doubt, just remove your current bolt and visually compare it to the thread length of the preload bolts in our catalogue.