Campagnolo 12-speed EPS Oversized Derailleur Cage

$239.99 $474.99

Campagnolo is synonymous with bold designs, a big heritage and big results in racing achieved over decades. Like Kolossal big! Kolossos is the Greek word for a statue, much larger than the original subject.

Adding a 19 tooth lower pulley and the stiffest derailleur cage on the market fits this bold image oh so well.

Reduced friction and super accurate shifting are mere side effects to this statement piece.

Kolossos for Campagnolo EPS fits 12 speed electronic derailleurs out of the box. We can make it fit on 11 speed and on mechanical derailleurs with some additional parts, which we have available. Please contact our sales department via 9157775666 or to confirm your derailleur compatibility if you are not running EPS12 electronic derailleurs.

Please note** Installing this oversized derailleur cage typically requires replacing your chain to accommodate the larger pulleys.