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Oversized pulleys fit the latest generation of Shimano derailleurs: Dura Ace R9100, Ultegra R8000/R8100 and 105 R7000.

By using the standard cage on your Shimano derailleur, you will feel the benefits of reduced articulation in the chain, while retaining accurate shifting. Something that has been a negative side effect of many large pulley systems.

Switching to an oversized set might require to install a longer chain.Here is a video explaining how to get it just right.

If you are looking for the best pulleys to fit the previous generation Ultegra (6800), please have a look at our 12 tooth Shimano road pulleys.

For Dura Ace 9000 and Sram road short cage derailleurs, have a look at our 11 tooth derailleur pulley set.

Beauty and Performance
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Amazing product good quality and love the pulleys made of metal and not cheap plastic. Easier to clean and customer Service was great to make it fit on the new Sram Force D2."
— Tincholeyes
Customer reviews
"These Kogel oversized bearings are high precision ceramic bearings and have absolutely no looseness. I added them to my Shimano XTR 1x11 derailleur and am very happy with the performance."
— Trout B.
Customer reviews
"The raw color rocks! Paired with Kogel BB30As, the experience is definitely smoother, effortless pedal strokes. And paired with customer service par excellence, (shout out to Ben!) Kogel is one of the best buying experiences."
— Gerdleano
Customer reviews
"I love Kogel pulley wheels. Not only do they last long and perform better than the stock wheels, they look so much better. It's a subtle detail that shows you care about your bike."
— Drodg55
Customer reviews
"Installing Kogel Bearings' Ceramic Oversized Derailleur Pulleys made my SRAM X01 12 spd. derailleur shift more precisely and more smoothly especially under load."
— Drodg55


Elevate your cycling experience with Kogel's Ceramic Oversized Pulleys, engineered for the ultimate in performance and durability. Designed to reduce friction and enhance efficiency, these pulleys are the secret weapon for any cyclist looking to optimize their drivetrain's potential.

Reduced Friction

Kogel’s ceramic oversized pulleys are designed to minimize friction, allowing for smoother and faster shifts. This reduction in friction not only enhances your riding experience but also optimizes the overall performance of your drivetrain.

Increased Durability

Built from high-grade 7075 aluminum, these pulleys offer superior strength and longevity compared to standard plastic pulleys. The robust construction ensures they withstand the rigors of both road and off-road cycling, lasting longer and saving you on maintenance costs.

Precision Shifting

With Kogel's state-of-the-art ceramic bearings, expect precise and smooth shifting every time. These pulleys maintain consistent performance across all gear changes, helping you maintain rhythm and speed on any terrain.


Select from hybrid ceramic or full ceramic bearings to match your riding needs:

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Ideal for riders looking for a balance between cost and performance, these bearings reduce friction and improve durability without breaking the bank.

Full Ceramic Bearings

For the uncompromising rider, full ceramic bearings offer the lowest friction possible and are designed to perform under the harshest conditions. Experience unparalleled smoothness and longevity, making them perfect for both competitive and intense recreational cycling.



  1. Remove the Old Pulleys: Shift to the smallest cog, remove the rear wheel for better access, and use Allen keys to remove the bolts securing your current pulleys.
  2. Set Up Your New Pulleys: Check the directional arrows on your Kogel Pulleys for correct orientation and attach them to your derailleur cage, starting with the lower pulley.
  3. Align and Secure: Properly align the new pulleys within the derailleur. Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts to the recommended settings.
  4. Check and Adjust: Reinstall the rear wheel, manually run the chain to ensure smooth movement, and adjust as needed for clean operation over the pulleys.
  5. Test Ride: Conduct a short test ride to ensure everything functions correctly, listening for any unusual sounds and verifying smooth shifting across all gears.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Kogel ceramic oversized derailleur pulleys?

Kogel's ceramic oversized derailleur pulleys are designed to reduce chain deflection and friction, offer bomb-proof stiffness for snappy shifting, and are made from durable 7075 Aluminum for a longer lifespan than stock plastic pulleys.

How do I choose the right seal type for my ceramic oversized pulleys?

Kogel offers two seal options: Road seals for lower friction and Cross seals for the best protection. Choose based on your riding environment, with Road seals optimized for friction reduction and Cross seals designed for durability in all conditions.

Why should I upgrade to Kogel ceramic derailleur pulleys?

Upgrading to Kogel's ceramic pulleys can improve drivetrain efficiency, enhance shifting accuracy, and reduce the need for frequent replacements due to the higher durability of materials compared to stock plastic pulleys.

Are Kogel ceramic pulleys easy to install?

Yes, they are designed to be easily installed on your existing derailleur cage, making the upgrade straightforward.

What warranty does Kogel offer for their ceramic derailleur pulleys?

Kogel provides a two-year Guaranteed Performance Warranty on the bearings of their ceramic derailleur pulleys, ensuring quality and performance.

How can I tell if my derailleur pulleys need servicing?

Periodically check the bearings in your pulley wheels, especially after wet or muddy rides. Remove the dust covers, wipe away any dirt or contaminated grease and see if the bearings spin freely.

The bearing will fall somewhere between these three conditions::

  1. Clean - feels like it’s spinning effortlessly in fresh grease
  2. Dirty - feels like it’s spinning with some grit in the grease
  3. Dry - feels like it’s spinning effortlessly, but it’s making more noise than usual

If they feel gritty, here is a link to the best practice in pulley service.

A good habit to develop is cleaning your pulleys each time you clean your chain. While you are cleaning your chain, use the same degreaser and a rag or cotton swabs to clean off your pulleys; and hit the chain rings while you’re at it.

Remember: a clean bike is fast bike.

Can ceramic pulleys fit all types of bikes?

While they wide wide compatibility, it's crucial to check specific sizes and configurations for your bike's drivetrain system.