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Giant Bicycles has a long collaboration with Shimano. It is no surprise that their frames all follow the BB86 and BB92 standard developed by Shimano. The official name is PressFit, but we tend to avoid it since it is too confusing with PressFit30.

Even though the frame dimensions are slightly different between the road and mountain bikes, the bottom brackets are the same. Only your choice for road or cross seals separates the two.

Kogel Bearings offers a 24mm ceramic bottom bracket for Shimano, Sram GXP and Rotor 24mm spindles, along with a 30mm ceramic bottom bracket for BB30, 386EVO, Rotor and Cannondale SiSL2 crank sets.


  • Road and off-road specific seal options to keep your road, triathlon, TT, cross and mountain bikes running smoothly
  • Designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters
  • 2-Year, very few questions asked warranty

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Still need help finding the right bottom bracket for your Giant bicycle? Send us a note and we'll be happy to help you find the exact bottom bracket for your frame.

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