Sometimes we welcome new athletes to the Kogel Collective and every single time I am stoked to welcome new riders to the family. Spreading the word on going faster with less energy is just so much easier with friends. Every now and then, though, these announcements feel a bit more special than the other ones. Welcoming downhill superstar Aaron Gwin, Cross Country hero Jolanda Neff or our first official world tour road team Trek Segafredo easily come to mind and feel like milestones for our business.

Today’s announcement is in that category. Daniela Ryf is a long-distance triathlon legend, Redbull athlete and generally one of the most popular athletes in her sport. I personally experienced this during my first trip to Kona for Ironman world championships. Even though Daniela did not reach the result she was aiming for, she could have definitely won the crowd participation contest if there was a prize for most decibels produced by the fans.

Since Daniela is not restricted to use any Kogel parts by sponsorship conflicts, expect to see a fresh new custom Kolossos oversized cage for every major race, Kogel bottom bracket, wheel bearings and a mix of colored titanium bolts across all her race and training bikes.

Throughout the year we will work with Daniela towards her best performance, but also on her passion project Women in Sports.


Bike setup:


Ard Kessels