Ceramic Bottom Brackets

Kogel is the gold standard for podium grade ceramic bicycle bearings, offering high quality ceramic bottom brackets for your road, mountain or gravel bike.

We have perfected the bearing selection, manufacturing processes, assembly and fit. The result: extremely reliable and efficient bottom brackets that increase bottom bracket stiffness.

What is a Bottom Bracket?

The bottom bracket sits at the heart of your drive train, it is critical in transferring power from your legs to the wheels.

This transfer of energy needs to happen as efficiently as possible, which is why you want a ceramic bottom bracket that minimizes friction, maximizes stiffness and works faithfully for years to come.

How Bottom Brackets Work

A bottom bracket enables pedals attached to the cranks to rotate directing force to the chain and in turn driving your bike's rear wheel forward.

It's this transfer of energy from your legs to the rear wheel that determines how fast you go and how much effort is required. 

The job of Kogel's ceramic bottom brackets is to maximizes the transfer of energy for the life of your bike  helping your ride longer and harder. 

WHY Upgrade/Replace Your Bottom Bracket

Even new bikes with high-end drivetrains can, and usually do, ship with bottom brackets using subpar bearings and plastic cups.

Even if perfectly maintained, those steel bearings just won’t roll as efficiently as our high quality ceramic bearings.

Kogel Ceramic Bearings are:

  • More symmetrical (i.e. round) and built to stricter tolerances than steel bearings
  • More efficient for power transfer than standard bearings
  • And, won't deform, flat-spot, crack or get pitted

Beyond the basics of keeping your bottom bracket clean and maintained, perhaps the most important step is ensure your bike's best performance is using a bottom bracket manufactured with high-quality ceramic bearings.

The Kogel ceramic bottom bracket is one of the key small components that helps my bike run as smoothly as it does. Knowing that we are some of the lucky few in the race field that get to use the highest quality bottom bracket at the races, in addition to the full support we get from Kogel, well, it’s what every rider wants

- Oisin O'callaghan
The YT Mob

For me it’s easy, I choose the best components for my bike to reduce the risk of anything other than my performance affecting my results. If I can choose products that not only reduce the amount of energyI expend but also make me faster ... why wouldn’t I? 

- Kelly Jones

On race day I want to have the best possible setup. After riding with Kogel components

for some time now, I am fully convinced they make my bike faster!

- Pieter Heemeryck

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Expert Advice


No amount of bearing grease can fix a cheap bottom bracket. It will never ride as efficiently as a ceramic-based bottom bracket. Over time the performance only gets worse becoming, literally, a drag on each pedal stroke.


Now imagine riding your bike with ceramic bearing components, feeling the silky smooth 100% power transfer from each pedal stroke to your rear wheel. Your crankset spins almost completely silent with hardly any effort. A feeling lasting for years, not months.


Kogel’s ceramic bottom brackets are one of the best options for maximizing the performance of your bike. Our entire line of silky-smooth bearing products offer exceptional value and guaranteed performance. Ready to experience your bike’s true potential? Use the bottom bracket finder to find the right bottom bracket for all your bikes.