As we are heading towards the ten year anniversary of the company our team built from scratch, it is time to point out that Kogel is not a good fit for every cyclist. This article will touch on four reasons why our parts could be out of place on your bike.

My bike cost less than $3000

Very often we talk to people asking if we have pulleys that fit on 9 speed derailleurs or customers looking for a bottom bracket for their square taper crank set. We love these questions! Even if Kogel cannot serve a cyclist today, that doesn’t mean this person can’t be a good fit for our brand tomorrow. During the lockdowns in 2020 our sport found many new fans. Some of these new riders went back to the indoor gym as soon as it opened and some became cycling enthusiasts. The latter group is most probably ready for their first or second bike upgrade in 2023!

I truly hope and trust that if you reached out to the Kogel customer service team, that the response was friendly and supportive. Even if we could not help you at the time, our team is ready to get your new rig set up for hyper speed and looking fresh to death.

The reason why I mention the slightly arbitrary $3000 price point is that bikes below that price level can probably gain larger benefits from upgrading the contact points than from installing an oversized derailleur cage. If you’re going to spend a couple hundred bucks on upgrades, look at saddles, ergonomic handlebars and a fancy cushy bar tape or grips. All of these can bring performance benefits in the form of comfort before we look at mechanical advantages to make you faster. The team at Kogel is not worried, we will be here and ready to talk to you, next time you are looking to improve your cycling experience.

I’m fine, I don’t need to improve

“I don’t need better bike parts, I’m not a racer”, “I don’t care about going faster, I have all the time in the world”, “longer service intervals are not important, I do all my own maintenance”. The list of excuses goes on and on and on. Some people are very content with the here and now.

If you are the kind of person that works the same job for forty years, has zero interest in fashion trends and sees Formula 1 racing as silly cars going around in circles rather than a breeding ground for manufacturers to develop components that will be on consumer cars in a decade from now, you might be in this group.

I’m not judging. You are doing great and probably are not impressed with a fully customized derailleur cage to match your paint job. Kogel is in the business of delivering every customer with their best riding experience and I doubt that our components will improve your lifestyle.

I read on the internet that ceramic bearings don’t work on bicycles.

This is a response that comes from someone who has never experienced an optimized bicycle every-single-time. For every article you find that says ceramic bearings don’t work, there will be an article saying the exact opposite. You can do the same research for politics or diets. The internet is a wonderful place where everyone can say what they want with very few restrictions.

For this reason, we back up our claims with testimonials from the most dedicated bike riders in every discipline. Whether you’re into road, mountain, tri, ultra endurance or gravel, we will probably have a member of the Kogel Collective that you admire and trust. Have a close look at the athletes and teams section of our website and wonder why the best riders in the world choose Kogel Bearings.

I can buy Kogel cheaper on Alibaba

This is true, I did it myself. Here is an objective review of the counterfeit Kogel parts we bought on Aliexpress. Let me tell you they will probably make you look good for a few weeks before they start falling apart. Please don’t come crying when your Faux Kolossos derailleur cage breaks and destroys your rear wheel and frame in the process.

If you are the kind of person that likes to cheat companies out of their design talent and buy the not as good version from a copycat to save money, by all means go for it! Please promise me one thing, though: do not play the same prank on your partner if you find someone to go out with you for cheaper.

I love my Ceramicspeed / Wheels Mfg / Enduro / BBInfinite

I get it and I love it! We have many dedicated fans at Kogel and would not want to lose them to other brands. If I did not think Kogel was the best thing under the sun, I would probably be a customer at any or all of these companies, they all deserve respect for what they do.

I’m not the kind of person to cause trouble in a stable relationship, but unlike with life partners, it is OK to cheat on bike companies occasionally. You might love vanilla ice cream, but there is no law against putting a scoop of pistachio in the same cup. I have done it with bike parts to save race day for an ironman world championship athlete. Read about it right here

If you are curious to experience what makes Kogel different from other bike companies (shifting accuracy, the best warranty in the industry, seal options for road and off road use and customizable parts to name a few), come talk to us one day! You might learn something new, or solidify your old love for your heritage brand.

If any of these points made you curious about getting the most out of your current setup, go faster with less energy or improving the looks of your bike, please book a meeting with our customer service team via this link. You will be able to book a 10 minute free consultation to talk about how Kogel can help you on the way to your best riding experience.

Ard Kessels