Expert Advice

How can I tell if my wheel bearings need servicing?

Wheel bearings need to be regularly serviced and work MUCH better when properly lubricated.

Inspect your wheel bearings at least every few months (always after extreme wet muddy rides) and service your bearings at least once a year. 

The easiest way to inspect your wheel bearings is to grab the axle and spin them. Some hubs have end caps that are very easy to remove without tools so you can get straight to the bearings.

The bearing will fall somewhere between these three conditions:

  1. Clean - feels like it’s spinning effortlessly in fresh grease
  2. Dirty - feels like it’s spinning with some grit in the grease
  3. Dry - feels like it’s spinning effortlessly, but it’s making more noise than usual

If they feel gritty, you'll want to service them. Here is a link to the best practice in pulley service. And at a minimum, they’ll need to be serviced a year from their install date or last service.