Kogel Disc Brake Pad Feature:

  • Ceramic Barrier coating on backside of pads so your brake fluid stays cooler, improving sustained performance and negating any need for fins
  • Sintered compound giving you better sustained and on-demand braking performance so you can go faster!
  • Manufacturing process that bakes pads at 1000 Celsius so their easier to bed-in taking the guess work out of installing your pads
  • 100% recyclable materials putting less strain on our environment so you're doing more to make riding fun for generations to come (vs organic pads that go to the landfill)
  • Nickel and lead-free (both are toxic) construction making our pads less toxic and better for our environment so you and creatures along the trails will live longer

Basically, our brake pads are made to give you the best braking performance on the market so you can go faster longer. How does that sound?