Marcelo Gutiérrez

Marcelo has done more than just pedal trails and conquer mountains: he has transformed his passion into an art, and his skill into an inspiration for thousands of Latinos.

Born and raised in Manizales, Colombia, Marcelo discovered his love for mountain biking at an early age. His bike quickly became a ticket to freedom, adventure, and eventually, global competition.

For over twelve years he competed globally in Downhill, achieving 4 podium finishes in the World Cup, a fifth place in a World Championship, and ranking more than eight times in the world's top 10 in his modality.

He's a winner of nine national downhill championships in Colombia, and three Pan American championships, and has been crowned champion more than ten times in urban races in Colombia and Valparaíso, Chile. 

Throughout his life, Marcelo has not only demonstrated his audacity and technical skill but also his tenacity and resilience, proving that dreams can conquer any mountain, no matter how steep.

For Marcelo, mountain biking is not just a competition, it's a way of life. He has dedicated himself to sharing his passion and experience with others, from beginners to aspiring professionals. 

Through his tutorials, courses, blogs, inspiring talks, and soon his online courses, Marcelo has helped countless people improve their technique, boost their confidence, and find greater joy in mountain biking. 

He is a passionate advocate for the sport and the potential of Latin America and that's why in the last 3 years he has led various trail-building and bike tourism projects to increase the continent's visibility. His mission: is to build the largest network of MTB enthusiasts in the American continent.

Marcelo Gutiérrez is not just a cyclist. He is a leader, a mentor, a pioneer. His life is an inspiration, a reminder that with passion, determination, and courage, we can conquer any mountain that stands in our way.