Luke Verburg

Luke is 21 years old and lives in Schiedam, The Netherlands. He combines road racing (in summer) with cyclocross (during winter). In his spare time he tries to finish his law degree. Luke started cyclocross at 7 years old and hasn't been out of the game since then. The same year he also started road racing. From Czech to Spain, cycling has made him travel all over Europe the past couple of years. Not without success, his biggest highlights are 2 times 2nd in a World Cup cyclocross (Bern and Heusden-Zolder) and a total of 13 national titles in cyclocross, road racing and cross-country mountain biking. He is racing the Kolossos through the mud and sand. The oversized pulley wheels create an advantage by preventing mud accumulating at the jockey wheels. Considering this, he can go faster and stay smoother during his races.