How To Bed In Your New Kogel Disc Brake Pads

Bedding in your brakes is a key step to getting optimal performance out of your new Kogel disc brake pads.

What these steps will be doing is transferring some of the material of your new Kogel brake pads to the rotor so that you can have optimal braking power with minimal noise

  1. Hop on your bike and make sure you are going above 10mph.
  2. Gently squeeze the brake levers until you slow down to a walking pace (roughly 2mph). When squeezing the levers we are looking for a constant slow steady decrease in speed, not locking up the tires or trying to slow down as fast as possible.
  3. Make sure you do not come to a full stop as this can create a “lip” of material on the rotor.
  4. Once at a walking pace get back up to speed (over 10mph) and slow down to a walking pace (again roughly 2mph) at a slow steady decrease in speed.
  5. Repeat these steps until you feel more power coming through the brake levers.
  6. Eventually the increase in power will stop (this will be a quite obvious change from no power to ample stopping power).
  7. Once the increase in power stops you’re ready to ride!

**Note: Before bedding in your new brake pads please make sure you have followed all of the steps in our How To: Install Kogel Brake Pads article.