Adrian Andrada

Adrian's cycling journey began when he was a skateboarder looking for a way to give his knees a break from the pavement. That was in 2019 and he hasn’t stopped since. Adrian’s passion extended beyond the saddle and into the community; spending quality time and sharing adventures with his bike family and encouraging everyone and anyone he meets to join the ride. Exploring paths, both on and off the road, Adrian’s ability to capture the true essence of cycling culture has rightfully earned him a cult following in the bike industry. In person, his fun loving, welcoming nature reminds us of the most important thing about cycling we often forget: to have FUN! A foodie at heart and wanderer by soul, Adrian loves to camp and explore, bonus points if it’s by bike. Some of Adrian’s favorite places to ride include his local Chino Hills State Park and anywhere the next group ride is. Adrian chose Kogel for his bikes not only for the speed and reliability of Kogel products but also to match his unique style with our customization options.