Shimano XTR and XT Oversized Derailleur Cage


Ready to up the performance of your mountain bike's Shimano drivetrain? Now you can reap all the benefits of our Kolossos Oversized Derailleur Cage on your XTR and XT 12-speed drivetrains.

Enjoy super-smooth, accurate shifting with less friction and chain drag on your Shimano XTR and XT rear derailleur.

About our Kolossos Oversized Derailleur Cage

Kolossos is the Greek word for a statue, much larger than the original subject. Sounds appropriate for replacing your 13-tooth stock pulleys with a 18-tooth narrow-wide bottom and a 14-tooth top pulley, built on our stiffest Kolossos cage yet.

Kolossos cages are built for reduced friction with shifting accuracy and chain retention in mind; something near and dear to all XC, marathon and enduro riders.

Ground clearance is not a concern as overall length is within 2mm of your stock cage, but doesn't hang lower. And, your Kolossos ships with our road seals for the best efficiency, but can always be swapped to cross seals for wet riding environments.


Our Shimano XTR & XT Kolossos only fits Shimano XTR and XT 12-speed rear derailleurs.

Please note** Installing this oversized derailleur cage typically requires replacing your chain to accommodate the larger pulleys. 

**Kolossos is a component upgrade for existing rear derailleur. Derailleur not included**