Disc Brake Pads

Ready to experience next-level braking performance? Maximize the braking power of your stock calipers with Kogel disc brake pads.

Available in two sintered compounds that offer the best braking potential for your riding style. Both pad compounds help you do one thing; go faster with less energy.

Spend less time worrying about when to brake and less energy recouping lost speed.  

Brake Pads Help You Go Faster

Brakes are meant to help you go faster, one of our favorite things to do.

They do this by giving you the ability to control speed. Our custom sintered formula and Ceramic Barrier mean better control, and less time spent braking. 

Basically, we're giving you more ways to go faster with less entergy. Who wouldn't want that?

Two Compounds to Choose

Designed for the way you like to go fast, our two versions, Kratos and Bia, offer optimal braking for where you ride. 

Choose Kratos for dirtier and prolonged braking situations, think massive descents and constant speed management.

Choose Bia for rides where braking isn't a constant. Their instant-on performance means you're always ready to reign in your speed a little or a lot.

Keep The Heat In

Kogel disc brake pads feature our exclusive Ceramic Barrier technology designed to keep the heat where it belongs, on the pads, not the rest of the system.

This gives you the optimal brake system performance scenario; cool fluid and hot pads.

WHY Upgrade/Replace Your Disc Brake Pads

All bike ships with brake pads that offer one-size-fits all approach to performance and the highest margins for manufacturers.

If you could choose brake pads that gives you better performance and improve to your cycling lifestyle, would your riding experience be better?

Kogel Disc Brake Pads:

  • Offer two sintered compounds designed to better fit your riding style
  • Use a ceramic coating, called Ceramic Barrier, to manage heat dissipation so your brakes perform better
  • Are made with 100% non-toxic recyclable material so you can feel good about protecting the trails you love

Last rider to brake wins! It's true, races are won in the corners. Those who can brake last going into the corners and scrub less than the other guy will come out in the lead. Kogel disc brake pads give you the best control in any braking situation.

Kogel's break pads have been a great upgrade for my bike. Now there's no chance Ard and the rest of the Kogel crew can keep up with me!

Kevin Krieg

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Expert Advice


Confidence drains the moment bad brakes force you to overcook a corner, hold back on a descent or sit up through a turn elbow-to-elbow with a group of fellow riders. The enjoyment of the ride is lost, or never found.


Now imagine smooth, quiet, effortless braking and intuitive modulation in every turn and every ride. No more wasting focus on how much lever to grab; last second braking opportunities are no longer white-knuckle experiences.


Kogel disc brake pads let you brake as late as possible putting you in control of your brake's best performance whether that means scrubbing speed or instant momentum changes. So go on, enjoy disc-brake nirvana with less fade. What's stopping you?