Ceramic Bicycle Wheel Bearings

Kogel Bearings offers ceramic wheel bearings for any wheelset. To make things easy, we have made a flat fee pricing for a set of four (front and rear hub, but without freehub) or six (a complete wheelset including the freehub).

Think of your wheel bearings: they are always under load and always moving. Whether you are going uphill or downhill, pedaling or coasting.It makes total sense to upgrade to better bearings.

Ceramic vs. Steel Bearings

The silicon nitride used in Kogel Ceramic bearing balls has a set of material properties making them perfect for bicycle wheel bearings.

The material can be polished smoother than any metal reducing friction and wear.  Additionally, Silicon Nitride does not deform under load keeping contact points with the bearing races to a minimum.

The material also does not rust preventing the balls and races from seizing up if the bearings get contaminated. A simple cleaning and re-greasing will often bring new life to an abused bearing.

Road or Cross Seals

Kogel Bearings are specifically built for road or off road use, making sure you have the best set up for your riding environment.

Our road seals are built to create the lowest friction we can get out of a sealed bearing.

The cross seals are built to have the best protection against the elements.

We recommend choosing seals that best suits your wheelset's primary focus.

WHY Upgrade/Replace Your Wheel Bearings

Worn out or contaminated wheel bearings increase friction and reduce performance. If your wheels already need service, upgrading to ceramic bearings can help avoid problems down the road.

Or maybe you just want to ride knowing nothing is dragging down your potential. Either way Kogel Bearings has you covered.

Kogel Ceramic Bearings are:

  • Hybrid Ceramic: steel rings and ceramic balls are the gold standard for bicycle wheel bearings
  • More durable than high quality steel bearings
  • Built specifically for road or off-road use. You choose your adventure, we build the bearings to match

While wheel bearings are not the fastest rotating bearings on a bicycle, they are critical to getting the most out of each pedal stroke. Even when you're not pedaling, they're still working for you.

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Get Help Finding The Right Wheel Bearings

Before ordering your wheel bearings, please send us a message via info@kogel.cc. Be sure to include details about your wheelset.

Once we know the make, model and year of your wheels, there is a good chance we know which bearings to send. Sometimes we will ask you to open the wheels to have a closer look at the bearing numbers or sizes.

Expert Advice


There's no fun in riding a bike with pitted races, bad seals and rusty balls. Your wheels are literally dragging you down.


Now imagine riding wheels with optimized bearings: perfectly-round balls, low friction seals and lubricants giving your wheelset a performance boost.


Kogel wheel bearings give you the performance and a choice of protection that best matches your riding style. No other wheel bearing offers you this much Guaranteed Performance.