Titanium Pulley Bolts for Sram Eagle Transmission

Barcode: 735201961521


Adding Kogel's titanium derailleur pulley bolts for Sram T-type derailleurs is a great way to secure the pulleys to your cage. Plus, our anodized color options give you more ways to make your bike uniquely yours.

About Our Derailleur Cage Bolts

Our titanium derailleur pulley bolts will fit any stock Sram Transmission rear derailleur cage, including XX SL, XX, X0, and GX versions. This set replaces the bolts that hold the upper and lower pulley.

We could talk about weight savings, but let's face it: these just look really cool when you park your bike at the coffee shop.

Technical Details:

  • Description: High Quality & Lightweight Anodized Titanium Hex Bolts
  • Application: Fits stock Sram Transmission rear-derailleur cages
  • Fastener Type: 3mm Allen Head
  • Material: Ti-3AI-2V Titanium
  • Weight: 2.0g/ set
  • Quantity: 2 bolts per package (outfit a single derailleur cage)

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