Titanium Bike Stem Bolts

Barcode: 735201959139


Adding Kogel's titanium bike stem bolts to your bike stems are a great way to personalize your bike's style.

Our bike stem bolts weigh less than the steel that came stock with your stem. Plus, our anodized color options give you more ways to make your bike uniquely yours.

What's a Face Plate Stem Bolt?

Essentially, a face-plate stem bolt is used to cinch down a stem to your bike's handlebars, keeping them from "self adjusting" while your riding This is often referred as a "face plate".

About Our Titanium Stem Bolts

Kogel's bike stem bolts are 18mm long and made from titanium. They also come in a variety of anodized color options.

We could talk about "weight savings", but it's really the first thing people see when you roll up to the brew pub.

Here's Some Technical Details:

  • Description: High Quality & Lightweight Titanium M5x20mm stem bolts
  • Application: Road or MTB bicycle stems
  • Size: M5x20mm in length
  • Fastener Type: 4mm Allen Tapered Head with Washer
  • Material: Ti-3AI-2V Titanium
  • Weight: approx. 1.2g/pcs
  • Quantity: 4 pieces per package (for single stem plate)

Continue the quest for Guaranteed Performance and making your bike the ultimate expression of YOU.