This week we are officially revealing the Kogel Collective, our team of brand ambassadors and athletes. Although we have been building the Kogel Family for years, it is time to showcase the members on their own podium.

Why it matters to us

As in any team, strength is built because of the variety in personalities and skills of the members.

We love being surrounded by introverts, extroverts, racers, social media experts, male, female, riders from around the world. A seemingly eclectic group of people all bonding over shiny parts and bike rides.

kogel collective

Kogel Collective Member Lina Bo

On a practical level, the Kogel Collective allows us to develop products in the Terrain Lab, our nickname for testing our products in the real world, rather than in a traditional laboratory setting.

But most of all, we love having friends from all continents, friends we can high five at events and share the stoke for their achievements, on the race track or their social channels.

What it takes

Every member of the Kogel collective is hand selected for their passion and dedication to the sport of cycling.

Their dedication to become the fastest person on two wheels, their passion for photography or their passion to communicate with their audience at any time of the day. 100% dedication to bicycles and going faster with less effort, while making it look easy.

Kogel Collective Member Maxim Pirard preparing for the day's ride

Being around a team of riders pushing themselves to the limit, in return, makes the team at Kogel push themselves harder to bring you the best of the best in bearing products.

Want to join for the ride?

Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Could you be a valuable asset to Kogel’s team of riders?
  • Would you fit in well in a growing brand that loves to zig when the industry zags?
  • Do you understand that sponsorship makes you a billboard for your partners (even when you had a bad day)?

If these are all “thumbs up”, we’d love to hear from you! Hit us up with a proposal via

We offer anything from paid sponsorships to a coupon for the web store. (A product discount is usually presented to get to know each other. Kinda like going on a date before we commit to full sponsorship.)

Ard Kessels