As we are all on the same tough ride, through the ups and downs of solitude, it is important to share your experiences.

Even if we cannot be together, cyclists need to unite. We are going to ride this out together, like Lone Wolves. Unaccompanied, but still members of a pack.

In a tribute to Kogel Collective member Sean Sakinofsky and his Lone Wolf Cycling Club, we encourage athletes around the globe to upload photos of their lonely workouts and tag them with #LetsRideThisOutTogether.

Every week we will filter the images and send out prizes to the best. Think of t-shirts, signed athlete jerseys and anything to make someone’s day.

The Lone Wolf Initiative is an open invitation for all riders, athletes and brands to unite. The hashtag is 100% brand agnostic. Every week a different business or athlete will sponsor the initiative.

Requirements for participants

  • Upload a picture of you being a Lone Wolf
  • Your workout can be indoor or outdoor, as long as it complies with your local ordinances
  • Hashtag your image with #LetsRideThisOutTogether

Yes, it is THAT simple. Every week we will select the most inspiring photos and send out gifts to make someone’s life a bit brighter.

The Lone Wolf Initiative is a collaboration across the cycling industry to show unity in a time when we need it most. Time to send out positive vibes and #LetsRideThisOutTogether.

If you have any stories to share that cannot simply be captured in an Insta post, please reach out to Kogel, we will be happy to report about your story.

For now, please stay positive and stay healthy. The cobblestone road ahead is bumpy and lonely, but the local Saturday World Championships will return one day. You want to be in shape when that happens.

Let’s Ride This Out Together!

Ard Kessels