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- Ard Kessels

Custom Titanium Bolts on Handlebar Accessory

Kogel Cares, All Custom Everything


If you've been following Kogel, you know how important personalization has been to us since day 1. From our customizable Kolossos oversized derailleurs to our hyper-wild titanium bolt colors (like our brand new Purple Haze) on everything from front pins to pulley covers, we are your go-to brand for all custom everything.
But what's next up on Kogel's customizing plans? Blueberry bottom brackets?
Cyan bottle cages? Wanderlust pulley wheels? There's only one way to find out. And you may be surprised by what we have in store for you. Let's ride!


Custom Bike Pulleys


No matter what bicycle components you ride on - Shimano, Ultegra, Sram, or something else uniquely you, one of the first things anyone can see on your bike is the pulleys on your derailleur. While durability and speed are sure to be the priority of your focus to achieve the accurate shifting and reduced articulation you are looking for, it doesn't hurt to look like a boss while leading the pack. At Kogel, we have dreamed up and created some patented colors in the lab that resonate with world-class looks to match your first-place ride. Here are some of the colors in order of my favorites:

  1. Midas Gold
  2. Fire Engine Red
  3. Kogel Blue
  4. Raw
  5. Black


If that's not enough and you want to get super technical like the experts here at Kogel, you'll find that our pulleys have the precision manufacturing needed from even the most demanding of cyclists. So here are 4 bottom line reasons why our pulleys not only look good but are better than some of those other copycat brands.

  • Larger pulleys reduce chain deflection...a fancy way of saying "lower friction
  • Larger pulleys mean slower rotating bearings...yet another way of saying "lower friction
  • Bomb-Proof stiffness for snappy shifting
  • 7075 Aluminum for longer life than stock plastic pulleys


Custom Color Titanium Bolts for Bikes

Custom Color Titanium Bolts for Bikes

If you read our marginal gains blog then you know that every gram on your bike matters when it comes to achieving optimal speed and aero on your road or MTB rides. Your stock bike most likely came with boring, heavy, and ugly steel bolts. Sorry, that's just the hard truth. Sounds to me like it's time to Kogelfy your 'face plates' with our Titanium 18MM long stem bolts in your preference of 7 super sick colors.

  • Oilslick
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Black
  • Rose
  • Gold
  • Blue

For all the fellow tech nerds like us here's the skinny on our Titanium bike bolts:

  • Product: High Quality & Lightweight Titanium M5x20mm stem bolts
  • Application: Road or MTB bicycle stems
  • Size: M5x20mm in length
  • Fastener Type: 4mm Allen Tapered Head with Washer
  • Material: Ti-3AI-2V Titanium
  • Weight: approx. 1.2g/pcs
  • Quantity: 4 pieces per package (for single stem plate


Custom Color Derailleur Cages


Custom Oversized Derailleur Cages

You spell King with a capital K. When it comes to OSD royalty you spell it with a capital K too.

All hail the Kolossos! 

First, imagine the performance of replacing your stock pulleys with a ceramic 14-tooth top pulley and an 18-tooth bottom pulley built on the stiffest cage on the market. Besides being designed for World Cup victories, Kolossos gives you reduced friction, improved shifting accuracy, and better chain retention. The best part is that we have some of the sexiest and most unique colors in the market that will make your end-of-race, trophy-holding, Instagram post look great with your custom Kolossos personalized on each of these components:

  • Upper Pulley
  • Lower Pulley
  • Pulley Covers
  • Cage Color
  • Stop Pin 
  • Screw Color
  • + Custom Pulley Configuration

Ready to make your bike uniquely yours and experience maximum drivetrain efficiency? Kogel's component personalizer expands your options so enjoy choosing the color and build combinations that best match your riding style.

There's no reason to limit your imagination so dream big!

Custom Mountain Bike

Your Turn...

Now that you’ve read the best, it's time to put you to the test. If you could customize any part of your bike, with any color, in any way, what would it be? Let us know and you can win a $100 Kogel gift card.

Dimarco Barea