When I started this piece it was all about showcasing Dangerholm's latest creation, the Lenny Kilmister / Motörhead Band Tribute Bike. 

However I quickly decided to take a moment to pay tribute and give thanks to the man himself alongside some images of his latest amazing creation.


Dangerholm, Gustav's personal brand marquee and IG handle has grown his viewership by the thousands since introducing us to the art form of creating one-off bike art that is both beautiful to see AND delivering performance unheard of in the world of mass-produced bicycles.

dangerholm lenny kilmister tribute scott scale

If you know, you know

Dangerholm has amassed a faithful following through his custom-built bicycle craft. If there is an antonym for Dangerholm, it is the concept of "stock". 

Showcasing a world of boutique and beloved bicycle products created by true artisans and passionate members of our collective, Gustav opens our eyes to what is possible when inspiration, creativity and passion for the best cycling experience converge between two ears.

To go with Dangerholm's Motörhead themed bike, Kogel created a custom Cerakote white version of our Kolossos oversized derailleur cage. Cerakote is a ceramic-based paint so it has a very different texture and look compared to anodizing but is still durable, making it perfect for Dangerholm's latest project.

Paying homage

Over the past few years, Kogel has developed a treasured relationship with Gustav Gullholm (aka Dangerholm).

Perhaps the biggest compliment we can share is that Dangerholm has solidified the notion that you CAN have a cycling experience beyond basic, stock or whatever you want to call it. If you believe bicycle manufacturers' most expensive bikes offer the best cycling experience possible, then Gustav's bike builds will stretch your imagination in ways you never knew possible.  

We too share this belief and a passion for elevating the cycling experience. Where we go forth with a mission of helping you go faster with less effort, Gustave makes us and any bike he gets his hands on look even better.

Beyond stock

And his path continues with more beauty and inspiration in every bike build he creates. Hats off to you our beloved Dangerholm for inspiring us all to think and dream beyond what is "stock".

If you've ever stared at a Kogel component and thought to yourself; "Why do I need this?" The answer should be quite clear after seeing any of Dangerholm's creations because it IS possible to expand your experience of cycling as both a thing of beauty AND the most powerful force on earth, "joy".

Ride on,


Ard Kessels