Recently we introduced new oversized derailleur pulleys for Shimano and Sram Wifli derailleurs.

Adding another option for derailleur pulleys may have made it more challenging choosing the best setup for your bike.

I created this short derailleur pulley buyers guide to help, so let's have a look at what fits best on which derailleur:


The monikers for different price and quality of group sets has not changed in many years: everybody knows Dura Ace, Ultegra and 105 for road bikes and XTR, XT and SLX for mountain bikes.

The pulleys that will actually fit on your derailleur are determined by the generation of your group set. This is a number stamped on every part and goes by a four digit number. For instance any number between 9100 and 9199 indicates the latest generation Dura Ace. Numbers in the 8000 determine the latest generation Ultegra.

Recently Shimano started synchronizing the Road and Mountain classification: R9100 is Dura Ace, M9100 is XTR.

This is what works best for your setup:

Dura Ace R9100, Ultegra R8000 and 105 R7000 series:

Our 12 tooth pulleys are slightly larger than the stock Shimano pulleys.

If you like the oversized pulleys that are gaining popularity fast nowadays, we can fit a 12 and 14 tooth combo in these derailleurs without the need to swap the cage.

Dura Ace 9000

Installing the 12 tooth pulleys on these derailleurs will cause interference between the chain and cage. For this reason, the 11 tooth pulleys work best. They are available with hybrid ceramic and full ceramic bearings.

Ultegra 6800 and 105 5700

These derailleurs work best with the 12 tooth pulleys. It is a tight fit on the short cage derailleurs, but we have tested the setup for thousands of miles on road and gravel without any hiccups.

10 speed Shimano road groups:

The 11 tooth pulleys are a great fit, but require a slightly different spacing between  the cages. Just ask for the 10 speed setup with your order and we will make sure they ship correct for your derailleur.

12 speed mountain bike derailleurs

The 12 speed derailleurs of the latest Shimano generation have  an amazing clearance for oversized pulleys. Pick the Gen2 with14/14T for low friction and a look that will make people rubber neck when you zoom by.

11 speed mountain bike derailleurs:

Our 12/12T Oversized derailleur pulleys for Shimano 11 speed derailleurs work like a dream for chain retention.

And our 12/14T Oversized derailleur pulleys for Sram 1x11 speed are perfect for your SRAM 11-speed mtb drivetrain.

10 speed mountain bike derailleurs

Your choice is simple; use the 11 tooth pulleys with cross seals.


2x road systems

Sram road groupos that use a front derailleur are an easy selection, both the 10 and 11 speed sets work with the hybrid ceramic pulleys or the Not For Instagram set.

The Oversized Pulleys will fit on the long cage Wifli derailleurs, but not on the short cage.

12 speed Etap AXS

The Flattop chain used is these road groups has a very narrow internal width. Our Gen2 pulleys work well with it. The 12 tooth system is very sensitive, we recommend to stick the 12/12T combo, but you can fit a 12/14T pulley set in the cage if you want. Please send a message to and we will custom build a set for you. The 12/14T is not a stock item.

1x 11 speed derailleurs

The one by eleven systems that are very popular on gravel bikes and mountain bikes that go a few years back run on the Gen2 12/14 oversized pulleys.

1x12 speed Eagle derailleurs

In order to achieve a better ground clearance for the long chain that needs to wrap around that huge 50 tooth cassette, Sram increased the size of the bottom pulley to 14 teeth. Here is the first generation Eagle ceramic derailleur pulley set by Kogel or if you want to supersize your wheels: the 14/14T Gen2 set.


12 speed derailleurs

The fit at the bolt for Shimano and Campagnolo is identical. Pick the 12/12T set of the second generation pulleys for best results. The Narrow wide profile of Gen1 does not play nice with the Campagnolo chain.

 11 speed derailleurs

All campagnolo 11 speed systems run on our hybrid or full ceramic pulley set.

10 speed derailleurs are not compatible with Kogel pulleys


You're Still Not Sure?

Hopefully, this helps clear up confusion about which ceramic derailleur pulley set will work best for your bike. Still need help? Not a problem. Just drop us an email or call. We love talking with fellow cyclist helping simplify your buying process.