Ard Kessels

Former garment engineer in the fashion industry, bike shop owner with a mechanic's degree from Belgium and currently self proclaimed trophy husband. Ard follows his wife around the world for her job. He sometimes complains about the long commute from Germany to Texas.

Ard founded Kogel Bearings at the end of 2013 and is currently in charge of product development, international business development and covers sales in California.

In his younger days a mountain bike marathon racer with a single focus (see the irony? a mountain bike racer from the Netherlands, one of the flattest countries on the planet?), today Ard does not like to discriminate against anything on two wheels.

Sem Gallegos

El Paso native and former service manager at several bike shops, Sem has been around bikes for as long as anyone can remember. He raced semi pro mountain bike until (in his own words) he discovered fried food. 

Sem has been involved with product testing and quality control since Kogel's inception and is currently in charge of our social media, manages the El Paso headquarters and covers sales in Texas, New Mexico and Florida.

Nowadays he enjoys mountain biking and considers himself gravel curious. 

Tony Escalera

A native of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Tony is of the entrepreneurial type. He combines a function at Kogel with a part time tech job at a bike shop. At Kogel he heads the assembly line, shipping and sales in Northern Mexico.

Tony is also a partner in a small coffee roasting business that supplied the bourbon barrel aged beans which Kogel used as Christmas presents for our customers.

He is an advocate of the 8 speed drive train system of the nineties, but don't think that means you can drop him on the climbs. He's also been spotted on a road bike. Once.

Jay Yu

Jay combines a parttime gig at Kogel Bearings with a Business Development study at University of Texas, El Paso. He mainly works on video editing projects, but assists in assembly, shipping and wherever fires need to be put out at the HQ. 

Jay can often be spotted riding the rough trails of the Franklin Mountains on a hardtail mountain bike, which qualifies him as a certified daredevil.

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