Sean Sakinofsky

Sean Is a unique individual who has based his life around cycling. He is someone who has truly embraced cycling, not just as a sport but a lifestyle. He is also on the forefront of adopting what he refers to as a truly sustainable energy source for cycling, that being his choice of macro nutrition, which is primarily fat and is known as the KetoGenic diet. 
He has proven its profound benefits with ultra endurance events which have involved traveling over 200km and even spending up to 9hrs on the bike without the need for refueling. He well known for being an inspiration and a motivator. A practitioner of minimalism and find peace in solitude. 
Sako will say that Kogel Bearings did not choose him, he chose us, as efficiency and longevity is key to being able to travel by bike for as long as possible. This is why he chose Kogel! (Sean Sakinofsky - @sean_sako)