Mitchell Dick

Mitch is a cyclist and content creator, originally from Venice Beach, California, and now living in Berlin, Germany. He enjoys all types of cycling but prefers to be out on a road bike exploring the world. 

For Mitch, cycling is a lifestyle, not just a sport. He began posting on Instagram (@naturallymitch) and writing on his blog ( then soon realized that you can tell a story in much greater detail with a camera by your side. Photography became his tool of choice to share moments with others through the vast and engaging world of social media. 

"Cycling lit the fire inside of me to ride all over the world, pursue a life full of passion, truth, and freedom. I know what it’s like to lose touch with a part of yourself, and cycling helps me stay connected to who I am. 

My goals are to promote diversity within cycling, get more people on bikes, remind you to be yourself, and follow your own path. I hope that by living in my truth and sharing my passions, I can inspire you to do the same." - Mitch @Mitchell Dick