Intense Factory Racing

Intense Factory Racing was born in the mid-90’s with iconic riders like Shaun Palmer and later, Chris Kovarik, Nigel Page and Sam Hill.
Throughout the brand’s history, the team has played an integral role in R&D and product development, with the primary goal of helping us provide world-cup proven race bikes to the open market.
The tradition continues today with all three of our riders – Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally, and Seth Sherlock testing, perfecting and racing the M29 downhill bike for the 2020 race season. (Intense Factory Racing)
Aaron Gwin - @aarongwin1 Team Owner & 5x World Cup Champion Birthday: Dec 24, 1987 Resides: Murrieta, CA
Neko Mulally - @nekomulally US National Champ Birthday: Feb 19, 1993 Resides: Reading, PA
Seth Sherlock - @sethsherlock Canadian Junior Downhill National Champ Birthday: Aug 28, 2002 Resides: Squamish, BC