In 2014 surfing on the internet Stephan Tytgadt discovered a new "game" called Zwift that would become the beginning of a new eCycling era.

Since then, eRacing has evolved and become more and more a real sport! In those six years since making the connection, Stephan has also built up a social community around eCycling. Today, BZR eCycling Club currently has almost 5000 members.

As eRacing attracted more and more business, the next step was creating a professional eSports team. 

Together with Christope Verkruysse, we started up the "1st" eRacing team in Belgium called BZR-SPSD at the beginning of November 2020.

In no-time, the team gathered so many ranking points due to great results that we’ve moved up in the zwift team rankings to a top-10 spot.

The team is a domestic focusing on Belgian riders only for BZR-SPSD. This strategy has a high positive impact on the results and creates a very good team atmosphere, both online and in real life.

2020-2021 TEAM ROSTER

Team Managers:

Stephan Tytgadt

Christophe Verkruysse 


Coaches (+ riders):

Van Geyt Koen 

Verduyn Jasper 



Rinus Verhelle

Mathieu Decock

Matthias Deroose

Jasper Paridaens

Indiana Slabinck

Joren Segers

Stefan Van Aelst

Anthony Slabinck

Fedrik Vancraeynest

Michiel Offermans

Daan Vermeulen

Michaël Apers

Geert Boonen

Lennert Teugels

Jo Pirotte

Yoni De Bock

Kenny De Vree

Kevin Van Reepingen