Bearing & Pulley Install Tools & Service Kits

Whether you're planning an install or servicing your bottom bracket or derailleur pulleys, Kogel provides all the drift sets, seal kits, and lubricants you need to keep on riding.

Choosing the Right Tools

As any craftsman will tell you, choosing the right tool for the job is essential for getting the job done right, and bicycle maintenance is no exception. That's why Kogel offers custom-made bearing drift sets making any bottom bracket install a breeze, every time.

Protecting Your Bearings

Protect your bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys, and suspension bearings by servicing them at least once a year.

Simply take off the covers, apply a layer of grease on the outside of the seals and put the covers back where they came from. Typically this adds a bit of friction, but nothing close to the friction caused by rusty races.

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