Shimano 105 R7100 Oversized Derailleur Cage - Custom


Checkout with a red cage and (or) pulley wheels, and we'll refund you $100. Offer valid until 2/15/2024

Design a custom oversized derailleur cage for your Shimano 105 R7100 rear derailleurs and get maximum drivetrain performance to match your style.

What Kolossos Does for You

First, imagine the performance of replacing your stock pulleys with a ceramic 12-tooth top pulley and a 19-tooth bottom pulley built on the stiffest cage on the market.

Besides being designed for World Tour victories, Kolossos gives you reduced friction, improved shifting accuracy, and better chain retention.

Ready to make your bike uniquely yours and experience maximum drivetrain efficiency? Start going faster with less energy today!

Cycling Passion + Your Style

Choose your favorite colors for every component of your Kolossos oversized derailleur cage using our customizer.

Select colors for pulley wheels, assembly screws, stop pin, front & back cages and pulley covers.

We don't want to limit your imagination so dream big.

Please Note:

- For the best customizer experience, please select your options from top to bottom. After that you can go back and change it up as much as you want.

- Please allow three business days to build and ship your custom Kolossos

- Installing this oversized derailleur cage typically requires replacing your chain to accommodate the larger pulleys. 

**Kolossos is a component upgrade for existing rear derailleur. Derailleur not included**