12/12T Oversized 'Not For Instagram' derailleur pulleys for Shimano 11, Etap and Campagnolo 12 speed


These pulleys will just not stop spinning! Running on our full ceramic bearings without any lubrication, these wheels are guaranteed to spin at least 15 seconds. This was the time limit set for Instagram videos when we released our first set of full ceramic pulleys in 2015.

This set will compliment your Shimano 11 speed and Campagnolo 12 speed derailleurs. They also work well for Sram Etap 11 and 12 speed, just select your favorite from the dropdown menu.

If you are looking for oversized Not For Instagram pulleys for the latest generation Shimano derailleurs, look here.

Compatible with:

  • Shimano 11 speed Road
  • Campagnolo 12 speed
  • Etap 11 and 12 speed

**please note these pulleys are not compatible with Dura Ace 9000 derailleurs. For these, pick any 11 tooth pulley set. Also: these are for road use only. For any off road use, pick the cross seals in our regular pulley sets.